cemeteryThe Miagao cemetery located at Bgy. Baybay Norte (formerly Cota Baybay) houses an exceptional capilla or funerary chapel. In olden times, masses were held here on All Saint’s Day, Sundays and other important feast days.

Probably built around 1889-1895, the Miagao cemetery capilla can definitely boast of its original brick dome. It is the only existing capilla in the region or perhaps in the country with such a distinct feature. The capilla is octagonal in shape and flanked by winglike extensions that are actually burial chambers for past town heads and parish priests. Decorative urns carved out of solid stone surround this brick dome.

While the dome and the walls are made from bricks, the capilla’s pilasters, jambs and carved decorations are of creamy limestone. The capilla exhibits Romanesque influence in its three identical arched openings and two circular windows. Most interesting is the skull and crossbones motif enclosed in concentric mouldings found above the arched entrance. This design is repeated in the capilla’s interiors.