Alogbati is synonymous with being Ilonggo and West Visayan. Manila does not have this vegetable in their diet. They say that if you want to increase the blood in your system, eat plenty of alogbati. In the definitive book of Doreen Fernandez entitled Palayok, alogbati’s scientific name is basella alba and in English it’s known as Ceylon spinach.
You will need:

alogbati (choose healthy and young leaves from the purplish stem; you can include an inch or two of the tipmost stalk where the shoots grow)

kalabasa (squash), cubed

patola (slice into discs)

ahos (garlic), 1 sibuyas (onion) and 2-3 kamatis (tomatoes)

about a scoop/handful of ginaling nga baboy (ground pork) or pasayan (shrimps)

asin (sea salt)

How to:

1. Saute the garlic. Add the onion (allow to glaze), then add the sliced tomatoes. Stir around for a minute.

2. Add the ground pork.

3. When the pork changes color, add about 2-3 cups of water.

4. Bring to a boil. Season with sea salt. Add the squash cubes.

5. When soft (don’t overcook), put in the patola and follow up with the alogbati leaves and mix.

6. Adjust to taste, cover for a minute or two and your laswa is ready for serving!