In the next several weeks, you will see posted on Iloveiloilo interesting blog entries from young people.  As I said in my welcome page, I don’t have the monopoly of info on Iloilo and its culture.  Besides, it’s impossible to cover everything.  There are so many aspects of Iloilo’s art, culture and heritage that are just waiting to be written about. 

 Many may know how to write straight sentences but not very many know how to conduct honest-to-goodness research and write with credibility.   I’m talking about many students and even professionals too who resort to the cut-and-paste type of researches.  Plagiarism in other words.  I’m very proud to say that the upcoming entries here from my invited students are products of their hard labor. (Amazing guys!).  The entries may not be of Palanca quality but I tell you, they’ve discovered many amazing info hidden from common knowledge.

For instance…

*  The unique oven for the Iloilo bibingka

*  Fine quality salt produced on bamboo nodes

*  An Ilonggo ice cream maker inventor

*  Traditional and modern clay stoves of Jibao-an Pavia

*  Recipes for KBL and Utan nga Tambo

*  The luwag and the sadok…

Those are just a few; there’s plenty in the storehouse.  Of course, I’m also concerned that these entries might be “stolen” by unscrupulous individuals–people who are too lazy to conduct their own research having no respect at all for what other people have worked so hard on.  On the other hand, I’m also thinking of the greater number of good people in the world interested in Ilonggo culture.  By making these numerous information available on the internet, the richness of Iloilo culture will just be a click away.