anthony geduspanAnthony “Ton” Geduspan is a well known Ilonggo painter from Guimbal, Iloilo. His artforms, which are figurative cubism and classical realism, has captivated Ilonggo art lovers and other percepients.

At a young age, he was very much interested in art and had already started drawing sketches of people usually his relatives and then it eventually evolve into paintings of them. He developed painting through various art competitions especially during his high school years. He was 19 years old when he started taking art seriously. He joined the Pulso Guimbalanon, an association of local painters in Guimbal. He never had any formal training so this was a big step in his career.

flowerThe recognition he received as an artist are: first place in competitions like the provincial development cooperative official logo design contest, forest lake mural contest, red cross mural contest, second place during the bfar mural contest, and a provincial finalist for three years at the annual shell painting competition. His first solo exhibit was at Robinson’ place Iloilo.

harvestHis realist artworks are often inspired by people and landscapes. His figurative cubism of intersecting geometric figures with his vibrant and dynamic color schemes give off the feeling of bliss to his percepients. His inspirations were the workds of famous painters like Manansala, Kiukok and Borlonga. His cubist oil on canvass works are mostly inspired by the bright side of nature. His paintings are rarely gloomy and focus on the happiness found on Philippine culture such as harvest, Filipino celebrations, rural scenes and common Filipino workers. Another thing is that he adds a “story book” or childish touch to his drawings. He paints persons, views and landscapes that can be appreciated not only by adults but people from all ages.

His paintings were shown at theMuseo de Iloilo, IPA, Sarabia Hotel and now at the Art Circle – Shangrila and Gallery walk – in, Ortigas. He sells is painting by every square-inch of the size of a particular painting. His paintings on cubism are worth P12.00 per square-inch and P14 per sqaure-inch on his realism paintings. He does commission works and consignments too.


We think that his art should be recognized because he has achieved and garnered a lot of high ratings from its percepients. He has accepted a lot of requests from patrons and his art is well recognized by them. He is an artist that truly wants to show Ilonggo culture through his works.

Figurative Cubism, Ilonggo Style
By Jezaniah M. Reyna and Ma. Cristel C. Jance