Nelson de los Santos.jpegHave you seen Titanic? Remember the Jack sketching Rose moment? The way Jack draws those fine lines, which showcase the perfect shape of Rose’s body. How he sketched those delicate hands? What made it so classy and detailed? Aside from the craftsmanship of Jack, it’s the medium. Charcoal pencils allow the artist to create the heavy drama effect through the art of shadowing. It’s the same magic that applies to Rose portrait.

Charcoal Painting and Sketching is one of the famous and elegant artwork in the society. Painters and Sketchers use charcoal pencils that bring the natural beauty of a portrait. This is exactly what our resident charcoal sketcher, Nelson de los Santos (photo above), is doing and became his source of income. This master was discovered by the brother of Joy Fernando, owner of Joy Fernando’s Gallery where he is working right now and he’d never been to art school to have formal lessons in sketching. He imparted to us that when he was still in high school, he is the right person his classmates would find when drawing is involved. For more information, Nelson is currently enrolled in Hotel and Restaurant Management course and will be graduating hopefully next year. The memories of those photographs, old and new, would be preserved and be given a new light through his craftsmanship and the beauty that is in the charcoal.

Pope Benedict XVI.jpeg

Seeing all those portraits, of well-known celebrities just like Pope Benedict XVI (photo in the center), that surround the stall, we could never imagine that   with   just   the   charcoal pencil and brush, they could come  up  to   those wonderful arts. Even the eyes of the models seemed to be alive just like what a photograph could give us. As what we are saying above, about the shading    that    outstand   the model from the white background.   The elegance of the portraits truly gives awe  in  our   faces  and  never fades as we leave the stall. It is inculcated in our minds and bewildered us.

We could even tell that Nelson would be next to the great and famous artists, just like Juan Luna, the famous painter of Spoliarium. Even though his only weapon to face a battle is charcoal, don’t underestimate this, it could give him the fame that people are not aware of. We are mesmerized in each of the strokes of the paint brush and on every point of the pencil; our eyes were caught by those beautiful pieces that pounded our hearts by those dramatic arts.

George BushAnd not only Manny Pacquiao could make it to the limelight. Everyone needs courage and strength to show the world what talents have been hiding inside your pockets. Knowing that behind those smiles as you revealed what you’ve got are criticisms that sometimes can really hurt us up to the bones. That’s what Nelson have to face in a world full of prestige, and talented ones that are used to the spotlight and already bagged some awards. Knowing very well ourselves that the weaknesses and strong sides could both help us improve our works, and Passion in what we are doing is the most important one; we find no reasons not to go on. Having these at heart Nelson could really make it to the top. We could not finish one project unless we are willing to give up some things just to have it.

Rona C. Galabo
Fevie M. Suganob